Love Affair

If the reality of this love affair has become too much of a burden

Then feel free to remove yourself from the relevance of this equation

Take your tired lines and played out roses

Take your I’m sorries and beautifully crafted romantic notions

And drive off the highest jagged-edge cliff you can find

If the love I gave you was too much for you to handle

Don’t forget to return all my shit when you make our demise final

Leave my keys and all my hot seductive kisses

Put my legs down and go on home to your Mrs.

And don’t forget to lose my number the next time you get into a bind

If her shit was so damn tight in the beginning

If she was the reason your eyes were always beaming

Do me this last favor before you leave my sight

Tell me you love me, if only for tonight


Pieces of my Heart

If I tell you my life story would you run away? If I told you I love you would you feel the same way?

I’ve been searching for the realness for so long that the truth seems to have gotten in the way

The lies have taken over my heart, set up camp, and proceeded to shit on my dreams since May

There are no fairytales and happy endings for the girl from around the way

Only bullshit followed by a hearty does of more bullshit seem to stay

It’s easy to say, “Cheer up”, “Keep your head up”, “You don’t need him anyway”

Those words sound fine and dandy but what do I do about the pieces of my heart that have been thrown away

Can you find them for me? Can you lead me to where they stay?

I’ve been searching for them for a long time and I think they’ve lost their way

I’ve traveled a lot to escape the pain and I fear I’ve sprinkled them among the states

And I miss them so…I miss feeling that way

The way you feel when all the love songs make sense and you believe everything they say

Maybe one day love and I will reunite but today is not that day

Poetry – Free To Be Me

Free to Be Me

Can you say trapped?

Can you say restricted, confined inside a flesh cell

Alone and afraid with no one in whom I could tell

To come out would surely get me slapped

Into oblivion or better known to me as what I like to call home

Where I reside inside my shell where there are no phones

No one to tease, resent, or ask questions about the unknown

A place where I can be fierce as I wanna be, hot as I wanna be

Down right diva-licious and care free if I wanna be

Can you say happy?

Can you say comfortable and exceptionally wonderful

Feeling di-no-mite and very well capable

Of stepping out from the shadows of inequity

And living it up under the rainbow of equality

I am me and I am beautiful inside and out

I am me and I am what the world is trying to be about

Honest and forthcoming. What you see is what you get

If you don’t like it you can kiss my (beep)

Poetry – Mrs. Permanent

Mrs. Permanent

She wears her hair big and round

But she’s not trying to make a statement

She’s stepping out proudly displaying the courage she has found

Starting a new life fresh, waiting for Mr. Replacement

Been out the game for a while, she’s the new girl in town

No time for playing kid games she’s looking for Mr. Commitment

She likes them tall, light, and handsome

She wants them hard and rugged with just a touch of innocence

She is the one and only, fit to wear any crown

She is the one of your dreams, she is Mrs. Permanent.

Poetry 6 – Pretender


Now why is it that a man never looks my way

Unless I’m wearing 3” heels, short shorts, and a low cut top

My walk leaves him speechless, without any words to say

His manhood throbbing, I think he’s going to pop

Right up next to me looking for a good lay

So I keep on moving on to the next stop

Looking for that brother who will make my day

Looking for that brother who likes to shop

For the classy woman with a modest sashay

For the right woman who can make him stop

Playing the games he liked to play

Back in the days when NSync was hot

He’s moving on to bigger places and I really must say

He’s got my passion throbbing, I think I’m going to pop

Right up next to him looking for a good lay

In my 3” heels, short shorts and low cut top

Poetry 5 – More Precious Than Honey

More Precious Than Honey

I’d like to thank you for coming to see me

Your words, your time, your spirit

Shine like gold, more precious than honey

Bind me in your love grip

Sweetest love I’ve ever known baby

You’ve gotten under my skin I must admit

Somethin’ bout the way you touch me

Your essence courses through my veins like it’s my blood type

Can’t get you out of my system, wont let me be

It’s become to much I can’t handle it

I can feel the walls closing in on me

I don’t want to see another day without you in it

Feel so locked up but you’ve got the key

I don’t want to, I can’t breathe another moment

If you’re not there to hear my heart beat

Your words, your time, your spirit

Shine like gold, more precious than honey

Poetry 1 – Fireworks


He was a hot summer night on the fourth of July

His cocoa brown butter skin was too much to deny

To walk away from his love would be more than a lie

So I sit, and I sigh

So I think, and that’s why

I’ve got lady fingers poppin’ from my hips to my thighs

The stars are shinning but their nothing like the stars in my eyes

Your rocket’s got me feeling like I think I can fly

Then I sit, and I sigh

So I think, and that’s my

Reason for the lovin’ that’s gonna’ get yourself high

I’ve got you wheeling off this cherry bomb that’s making you cry

I’ll ride your roman candle through the night, no need to say bye

So I sit, and I ride

Oh my, Oh my