Love’s Prayer

When I look into your eyes it’s like taking a glimpse of paradise
It’s like going to sleep for years only to wake up and finally realize
What I’ve been waiting for my whole life, what I’ve been searching for
Is a man who’s filled with the love of Christ whom I’ve never seen before
I’ve seen devils in sheeps clothing. I’ve seen liars and cheaters too
Never thought I’d ever find someone as passionate about Him as you
And although now we live far apart and it pains me to let you go
I know He has a greater plan for us, this I’ll always know
It’s not quite time for us to join as one even though that’s what we want
See our life is not our own, it’s His, He’s proven this more times than I can count
So although it’s gets lonely at night without me, you wish you could have me near
Sometimes you wish you could be inside me, and I just can’t for fear
His eye is on the Sparrow and I know He watches me
When our time is near He’ll let us know, only then can we ever be
Joined in matrimony, living in harmony blessed a thousand fold
Till death us do part I’ll be in your arms for you to forever hold
So when your alone crying inside for this love I have for you
Say a little prayer and remember the day said I love you too


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