Pieces of my Heart

If I tell you my life story would you run away? If I told you I love you would you feel the same way?

I’ve been searching for the realness for so long that the truth seems to have gotten in the way

The lies have taken over my heart, set up camp, and proceeded to shit on my dreams since May

There are no fairytales and happy endings for the girl from around the way

Only bullshit followed by a hearty does of more bullshit seem to stay

It’s easy to say, “Cheer up”, “Keep your head up”, “You don’t need him anyway”

Those words sound fine and dandy but what do I do about the pieces of my heart that have been thrown away

Can you find them for me? Can you lead me to where they stay?

I’ve been searching for them for a long time and I think they’ve lost their way

I’ve traveled a lot to escape the pain and I fear I’ve sprinkled them among the states

And I miss them so…I miss feeling that way

The way you feel when all the love songs make sense and you believe everything they say

Maybe one day love and I will reunite but today is not that day


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