The End

Like the flame to a candle our love became too much for him to handle

He was the wick and I was the flame burning deep into the soul of a man who wasn’t able

To commit to a life of monogamy let alone be the provider of something stable

See, for him life was a bowl of cherries just waiting to be popped

For him growing up was similar to pushing up daisies in an old cemetery plot

Trust was a fairytale and how to be a friend was something he had forgot

With every passing year the flame grew hotter and hotter while the wick withered away

Some say love is all you need but I say love is what made him run astray

And run he did. He ran and ran and is still running today

“Run Forest run”, is what I say because I’m not the one to try to keep anyone who doesn’t want to be kept

Just remember I was the first and there will never be another capable of giving you what you left


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