Poetry – Free To Be Me

Free to Be Me

Can you say trapped?

Can you say restricted, confined inside a flesh cell

Alone and afraid with no one in whom I could tell

To come out would surely get me slapped

Into oblivion or better known to me as what I like to call home

Where I reside inside my shell where there are no phones

No one to tease, resent, or ask questions about the unknown

A place where I can be fierce as I wanna be, hot as I wanna be

Down right diva-licious and care free if I wanna be

Can you say happy?

Can you say comfortable and exceptionally wonderful

Feeling di-no-mite and very well capable

Of stepping out from the shadows of inequity

And living it up under the rainbow of equality

I am me and I am beautiful inside and out

I am me and I am what the world is trying to be about

Honest and forthcoming. What you see is what you get

If you don’t like it you can kiss my (beep)


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