Poetry – I Must Have

I Must Have

I must have forgotten I’m supposed to be mad at you

 Got me going on dates with you as if I was never in love with you

I’m kind of confused after all the heartache you’ve put me through

And yet still I’m flying higher than a butterfly in the sky, yes it’s true

I’ve gone ahead and slipped up, just go ahead and call me your fool

Tell me your lies, take what you want from me, and let’s pretend it’s cool

I must have forgotten how much I hate you

Got me giggling like a school girl and I’ve got a crush on you

I’m in a daze; I’m wondering why am I so drawn to you

Could it be the children I bore for you

Could it be the all the good times I shared with you

Just keep working me over, got me feeling so blue

I must have forgotten how hard I fell for you

How you snuck in under cover and made me fall for you

I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes on you, you said I was meant for you

A young tender rony who had been through a few but with you

A breath of fresh air, or so it seemed till I met the other side of you

 Now I remember why it was that I left you


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