Poetry 7 – It’s Not Me

It’s Not Me

It’s not me it’s you, I know that sounds kind of backwards

But trust me sweetie, this aint the MTV Music awards

Never married, no kids, no place you can call yours

I understand why no ones knocking at your door

You think a relationship works on some kind of layaway plan

You give me the title to keep me from getting another man

Giving 10% upfront and spreading the rest like a payment plan

Come on sweetie, did you really think I would buy into this scam

I call you up I say, “Baby, I miss you. Can you come over”?

You say, “Um, yeah baby right after the game is over”.

After the game is over? After the game is over?

You must be fooling yourself if you think I can’t find another brother

We’re in the heat of the moment and I’m about to get up on it

But after two whole strokes you’re down and out like a raisinette

You say you’re just anxious, ok I can go for that, but watch your step because you’re trying my patience

So let’s just back it up, let’s take this back to the beginning

Remind me again how in the world I caught feelings

Better yet let’s just call it quits, there’s nothing here I’ll be missing

I can do better by myself with all ten of my digits


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