Wifey Material???

How do you define what makes  a good wife?  Is it her cooking and cleaning abilities?  Is it the way she raises your kids and takes care of you?  Is it the way she fulfills her “wifely duties”?  Or is it the way she knows when to be silent and just let you be a man?  Lately I’ve been asking myself these questions as I’ve come to the realization that it’s okay if my ex-husband and I aren’t able to beocme the traditional family.  Ours is a broken family and that’s okay. 

Sure we will naturally have a few more obstacles than most traditional families but we’ll get through it. I used to think marriage was for me but now I’m just not so sure any more.  Sure I still envision myself getting caught up in the whole wedding hoopla but realistically I just don’t know if that’s where my fate lies. 

For one, I’ve never been the type to feel that it was my job to clean up after a grown man.  Now the house really shouldn’t need all that much cleaning if we are both cleaning up after ourselves every day.  If you take the cap off the toothpaste, then put it back on.  If there’s a clothes hamper for your dirty clothes, use it.  Simple as that.

 Sure, I’ll cook for you but if you know how to cook and you got home before I did then why haven’t you cooked for me?  See this whole marriage/relationship thing is a two way street.  Gone are the days when the wife stays at home tending to the house and kids 24-7.  Hellllooooo!!!! I’ve got to work too!  When I get home I’m just as tired and hungry as you are.  I’ve come to the conclusion that if a man can’t accept and understand that I too have needs then I’d just rather be single. 

Relationships are about give and take and truthfully there is too much taking and not enough giving going on out there.  You will not run my blood pressure up stressing over the 101 jobs I’ve got to do on a daily basis while you sit around watching football.  Get to steppin’.  You know where the door is because Mrs. Conventional I am not.

There to meet you 100% of the way (not 50%) and demanding respect and sincerity I am Mrs. New Millineum.  Here when you need me and there when you call me.  Just do me right and I’ll make sure you get done right. (smile)  Do you here me fellas?  That’s all the women really want.  We are not your personal maid service.  We are your partners, and the sooner you understand that the happier you’ll be.


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