True Love?

So you meet a guy.  Your young and naive.  “It’s puppy love”, they say.  So you go through the motions as any young fourteen girl would do.  You  have a beautiful romance that lasts for three years before ending with a broken heart.  But the tale doesn’t stop there.  After two failed marriages, several pregnancies, and two children, the two of you still have a remarkable bond to each other.  Why is that?  What is it that makes it impossible for the two of you to stay away from each?  Neither one of you has had a successful relationship since the breakup sixteen years ago, and no matter how hard you try you simply can not get him out of your system.  Is he your true love?  Is he the one you’re meant to grow old with? 

If it was just puppy love than why is the connection between you so strong that you sometime feel you share telepathic powers? Obviously  there’s more between you too than meets the eye, but stubborness and a little bad timing always seem to get in the way.  Yes, I’ll admit I love him.  I’m still crazy in love with him, but the timing just isn’t right.


One thought on “True Love?

  1. The story of a future best selling novel. Well put, with so many possible versions makes you wonder how that story is going to end… only if people had one chance in life to see the future for 5mins but the the only catch would be is that we could’nt chance it what would we do could we accept it?

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