Poetry – I Must Have

I Must Have

I must have forgotten I’m supposed to be mad at you

 Got me going on dates with you as if I was never in love with you

I’m kind of confused after all the heartache you’ve put me through

And yet still I’m flying higher than a butterfly in the sky, yes it’s true

I’ve gone ahead and slipped up, just go ahead and call me your fool

Tell me your lies, take what you want from me, and let’s pretend it’s cool

I must have forgotten how much I hate you

Got me giggling like a school girl and I’ve got a crush on you

I’m in a daze; I’m wondering why am I so drawn to you

Could it be the children I bore for you

Could it be the all the good times I shared with you

Just keep working me over, got me feeling so blue

I must have forgotten how hard I fell for you

How you snuck in under cover and made me fall for you

I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes on you, you said I was meant for you

A young tender rony who had been through a few but with you

A breath of fresh air, or so it seemed till I met the other side of you

 Now I remember why it was that I left you


Poetry 7 – It’s Not Me

It’s Not Me

It’s not me it’s you, I know that sounds kind of backwards

But trust me sweetie, this aint the MTV Music awards

Never married, no kids, no place you can call yours

I understand why no ones knocking at your door

You think a relationship works on some kind of layaway plan

You give me the title to keep me from getting another man

Giving 10% upfront and spreading the rest like a payment plan

Come on sweetie, did you really think I would buy into this scam

I call you up I say, “Baby, I miss you. Can you come over”?

You say, “Um, yeah baby right after the game is over”.

After the game is over? After the game is over?

You must be fooling yourself if you think I can’t find another brother

We’re in the heat of the moment and I’m about to get up on it

But after two whole strokes you’re down and out like a raisinette

You say you’re just anxious, ok I can go for that, but watch your step because you’re trying my patience

So let’s just back it up, let’s take this back to the beginning

Remind me again how in the world I caught feelings

Better yet let’s just call it quits, there’s nothing here I’ll be missing

I can do better by myself with all ten of my digits

Poetry 6 – Pretender


Now why is it that a man never looks my way

Unless I’m wearing 3” heels, short shorts, and a low cut top

My walk leaves him speechless, without any words to say

His manhood throbbing, I think he’s going to pop

Right up next to me looking for a good lay

So I keep on moving on to the next stop

Looking for that brother who will make my day

Looking for that brother who likes to shop

For the classy woman with a modest sashay

For the right woman who can make him stop

Playing the games he liked to play

Back in the days when NSync was hot

He’s moving on to bigger places and I really must say

He’s got my passion throbbing, I think I’m going to pop

Right up next to him looking for a good lay

In my 3” heels, short shorts and low cut top

Poetry 5 – More Precious Than Honey

More Precious Than Honey

I’d like to thank you for coming to see me

Your words, your time, your spirit

Shine like gold, more precious than honey

Bind me in your love grip

Sweetest love I’ve ever known baby

You’ve gotten under my skin I must admit

Somethin’ bout the way you touch me

Your essence courses through my veins like it’s my blood type

Can’t get you out of my system, wont let me be

It’s become to much I can’t handle it

I can feel the walls closing in on me

I don’t want to see another day without you in it

Feel so locked up but you’ve got the key

I don’t want to, I can’t breathe another moment

If you’re not there to hear my heart beat

Your words, your time, your spirit

Shine like gold, more precious than honey

Poetry 4 – Choices



She put the spice in his life, a fact he couldn’t deny

He kept the flame in her sheets, got her feeling so high

The passion between the two was too much to hide

He kept a spare in his pocket, but let me tell you why

She was the one, she had it all, she kept it locked up tight

She had the kids, this was heavy, something he couldn’t take light

Now the spare, she was a winner, if caught on the right night

A little loony, sometimes shady, always good for a fight

She wanted more, he wanted less, she couldn’t help but to try

Still the one who spiced it up would stay a part of his life

Always there, a true friend, never one for the lies

So there he was caught in between Ms. Wrong and Ms. Right

Loving it up, he knew the one he’d be taking home for the night

Yeah she’s the one, she has it all, she keeps it locked up tight

She puts the spice in his life, a fact he couldn’t deny

Wifey Material???

How do you define what makes  a good wife?  Is it her cooking and cleaning abilities?  Is it the way she raises your kids and takes care of you?  Is it the way she fulfills her “wifely duties”?  Or is it the way she knows when to be silent and just let you be a man?  Lately I’ve been asking myself these questions as I’ve come to the realization that it’s okay if my ex-husband and I aren’t able to beocme the traditional family.  Ours is a broken family and that’s okay. 

Sure we will naturally have a few more obstacles than most traditional families but we’ll get through it. I used to think marriage was for me but now I’m just not so sure any more.  Sure I still envision myself getting caught up in the whole wedding hoopla but realistically I just don’t know if that’s where my fate lies. 

For one, I’ve never been the type to feel that it was my job to clean up after a grown man.  Now the house really shouldn’t need all that much cleaning if we are both cleaning up after ourselves every day.  If you take the cap off the toothpaste, then put it back on.  If there’s a clothes hamper for your dirty clothes, use it.  Simple as that.

 Sure, I’ll cook for you but if you know how to cook and you got home before I did then why haven’t you cooked for me?  See this whole marriage/relationship thing is a two way street.  Gone are the days when the wife stays at home tending to the house and kids 24-7.  Hellllooooo!!!! I’ve got to work too!  When I get home I’m just as tired and hungry as you are.  I’ve come to the conclusion that if a man can’t accept and understand that I too have needs then I’d just rather be single. 

Relationships are about give and take and truthfully there is too much taking and not enough giving going on out there.  You will not run my blood pressure up stressing over the 101 jobs I’ve got to do on a daily basis while you sit around watching football.  Get to steppin’.  You know where the door is because Mrs. Conventional I am not.

There to meet you 100% of the way (not 50%) and demanding respect and sincerity I am Mrs. New Millineum.  Here when you need me and there when you call me.  Just do me right and I’ll make sure you get done right. (smile)  Do you here me fellas?  That’s all the women really want.  We are not your personal maid service.  We are your partners, and the sooner you understand that the happier you’ll be.

Poetry 3 – Step Off

Step Off 

Forgive me if I don’t understand why you feel the need to stay in my business

Calling up my phone like I’ve got the NBA draft list

You know you can’t get with this

So stop trying to play yourself

Just get up out his ear because you’re sounding quite selfish

It’s been a long time since you’ve been able to hang with this

You’re fooling yourself if you think that I’m ever going to miss

You’re played out lines and sexual wish list

Some sounded quite appealing but I can’t make any promises

I know your kind of sensitive so I’m going to make this as painless

As I can get without it sounding like anguish

I’m just feeling kind of tense; your phone calls are endless

So back up off me while I try to explain this

He’s the quarterback and you haven’t even made the wish list

He goes long and hard while you still try to catch your breath

I try to stay away but I’m in love with his kisses

You on the other hand can’t last much more than five minutes

I know you may be hurting so how about we just end this

I’ve got no time for games and I’m just trying to be honest

If you come at me wrong again you’re going to have to taste my fist

So step off, go home, and get the hell out of my business