Who invited love to the party?

Her heart raced every time he touched her and for the first time in what seemed like years, she knew he was the one.  Never again would she have to cry herself to sleep.  Never again would she long for that one man who knew her better than she knew herself.  Here he stood beside her where he had been all along. 

Yada yada yada.

If only love could be so simple.  I mean, really.  I can remember watching the Soap Opera’s with my mom as a child, and although it always seemed like every marriage was a match made in heaven that was never the case.  These people got married and divorced about as often as they changed underwear and sadly to say, that seems more like reality than most romance geared shows.  Falling in love just isn’t as easy as it used to be.  Back when my parents were courting, it was uncool to sleep around and no one was able to google you online.  Nowadays, having multiple lovers before tying the knot is pretty common and acceptable even.  If you lose touch with a high school sweetheart, theyr’e just a click away courtesy of the internet.  Should I stay? Should I go?  Who can really answer that question any more? Is it just me or is life much more simple when you decide to remain single?  Yeah, I have my “girly” moments when I want to be cuddled and romanced but then I have what I call my “guy” moments when I really just don’t care.  I used to blame these “guy” moments on my failed marriage but now I don’t know.  Maybe my “guy” moments are just a newly developed character trait that has come with age.

NAH!!!!!!  I just don’t care.  But then the girl in me says, “But what about me?  Am I ever going to have a wedding?”  (No I didn’t have a wedding with my first marriage).  And like a sap I”ll start bending to her will and signing up for wedding sites and looking in wedding magazines.  How about this?  How about I start a business where women like myself can have a mock wedding.  No strings attached. No marriage license.  Just a place where we can experience the wedding without the added drama of having a husband.  (And the women all scream with delight).  Seriously, what’s love got to do with getting married.  Isn’t it all just about good business decisions any way?  Obviously, if I want to live the life of the upper middle class than it wouldn’t be a good business decision for me to marry someone who has bad credit and can barely take care of himself.  A good business manager would make the choice to merge with an individual with descent to excellent credit, a college degree, and a job that doesn’t require him to ask, “May I take your order?”  Isn’t that what we are really doing when we decide to get married?  We all have this vision of what we want our life to be  but should we run into a hiccup than the obvious choice would be to merge (I’m sorry, marry) with an individual who will help us achieve that vision.  How about we all just do ourselves a huge favor and just get over it.  Love doesn’t exist.  It’s just a four letter word some idiot invented to justify the human merger of two individuals in a jacked up world.


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